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I’d like to share with you a few of my very favourite vintage items (these are my personal ones not from the store) (From L-R)

1)   Tapestry Cover – this was owned by my gran when she was young, so is from the late 30′s early 40′s. It was the first ‘vintage’ piece of clothing I ever owned and I think this it is what probably started the whole thing off. Sadly it hasn’t fit me since I was 16, but I still keep it as it is simply beautiful to look at. The embroidered flowers is beautiful and the little bronze buttons finish it perfectly.

2)   Cheesecloth Top – This beauty is so very fragile it only gets warn on special occasions. It is a late 60’s early 70’s cheesecloth chiffon embroidered top, which my mum used to wear. I love it because its so versatile – tuched into denim shorts or thrown over a delicate dress. The whole boho hippy look is a favourite of mine, probably from my mum always telling me about growing up in the 60/70′s, and her love of afghan coats, crochet dresses and mini skirts!

3)  Sequins – I have quite a collection as you can probably imagine (which one day may deserve its own post!) This black and gold floral number is a special fave of mine, as it was a gift from my boyfriend on my 24th birthday. It’s doubly special as not only is it super pretty, but he found it all on his own – a sign that he truly ‘gets’ me!

4)  Sailor Dress – I am sailor obsessed. I love all things nautical, i even have it as a saved search on eBay (yes im that sad). This super cute polka dot number was another eBay find, originating in Urban Outfitters vintage section. It was definitely a bargain at £15, as not only is it a sailor dress, but covered in polka dots too!

5) Deep Green Dress – Being a pale freckly person bright colours can often wash me out. Even in summer i’l stick to Jewel tones and rich colours. I found this dress in a charity shop and fell in love. The floral pattern also made it extra special to me. It has long sleeves which i role up in summer, and teamed with ankle socks breaks up the dark colour. I had to take it up and take it in, but it is an oh so reliable go to dress!

All Clothing – Vintage
Straw Porkpie Hat – Topshop
Collar Necklace – Topshop 

By Rhiannon

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