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Following on from yesterday’s denim related post I’m going to talk about customising denim shorts. Denim shorts are absolutely everywhere, dip dyed, studded, ripped, panelled, literally every combo you can think off is available. In my store vintage Levi shorts that have been customised are one of our best sellers. Here’s a little DIY post showing you how and what we did for a couple of pairs I made yesterday.

Purple Ombre Shorts – These were a light stonewash to begin with. As with all the jeans cut them to your desired length (for the store we normally leave 1.5” from the crotch seam) but you can vary that depending how short or long you want, or if you want them to have turn ups. I use Dylon cold water dye for everything, it costs about £3 per pack and it will do loads. For these I used ‘intense violet’, I mixed about 2 tablespoons of dye, with 1 tablespoon of salt to set the dye, mixed it all in a bowl and just dunked the shorts! Keep dunking and holding the shorts in the mix for about twenty minutes so the dye is nicely saturated. Rinse with cold water to set the dye. For this pair I wanted a slight Ombre effect, so I mixed a paler dye called ‘french lavender’ with water and dipped the shorts up to half way, so the purple is quite pale. It gives it nice denim to deep purple effect! Rinse again with cold water, put them in the washing machine to get any excess dye out and you’re done!

Ombre Shorts – Vintage Style Me £19
Black Velvet Body – Topshop
Pixie Boots – Vintage
Tassel Cover – Mataln

Panel Shorts – These are very similar to the ones you see in high – street stores at the minute. You can basically be as creative as you want with these. I buy all my studs on eBay and collect vintage fabric from jumble sales, vintage fairs, or form cut-offs from taking up dresses. For these I used an eagle patch which I machine sewed on, ripped off the back pocket, ripped the right leg, put some cute gold studs along the pocket line and frayed the edges. These have turned out really well, considered I had no idea what to do with them when I started! I think that’s why it’s so much fun!

Panel Shorts – Vintage Style Me £23
T-Shirt – I stole from my boyfriend
Crochet & Leather Jacket – Topshop

Dip dye shorts – These are the easiest but one of my favourite looks for shorts. I’m not a fan of busy looking denim, but I love the dip dyed effect of these. This is literally so simple –  pop the shorts in the sink or bath, and pour household bleach directly onto the denim. I start about half way down, rubbing it in slightly (use gloves!) The bleach will work well in about ten minutes so keep an eye on it. Rinse with cold water then put in the washing machine immediately! Don’t leave them with the bleach on even if you think you have rinsed it out with water, other wise the bleach can rot the denim.

Dip Dye Shorts – Vintage Style Me £23
Blouse – Primark
Panther Belt – New Look

I’d love to see pictures or know your customising tips! All the shorts from this post are available in my store Vintage Style Me. I also styled all these shorts how I personally would wear them, hence the mix up of high-street products! The dip dye pair are def mt fave, hope the tips come in helpful!

By Rhiannon

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