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Pocket design t-shirts are everywhere, I think they’re really cute and great for guys as they’re casual but can definitely make an outfit that little bit more unique. Over at my store Vintage Style Me we have our own collection of pocket t-shirts called ‘The Forest Collection’. We use Gildern Soft Ringspun cotton t-shirts and off-cuts or vintage fabric for the pockets. You can also use Primark t-shirts which cost about £2.50. These t-shirts can be made really cheaply and make a great personal gift or a cheap wardrobe update for yourself! This DIY post will show you the step by step guides of how we make ours, so you can make your own personal t-shirt (we also do these as sweaters), and it would look REALLY cool on a dress if anyone wants to try that!

STEP 1 – To make the pocket stencil get a piece of card and cut it to your desired pocket size, our measures 4″ x 5″ and snipped off the corners on the bottom edge to give it that pocket detail.

STEP 2 – Place your cardboard guide onto the fabric of your choice, roughly cut around it leaving a good inch gap.

STEP 3 – Carefully pull up each fabric edge around your cardboard guide and iron the edge flat. Once you have done this to all the edges carefully remove the guide (you kind of have to unwrap it!)

STEP 4 – Iron again now the cardboard has been removed so all the edges are folded tightly under giving you a pocket.

STEP 5 – Lay your t-shirt on a flat surface, and carefully pin your pocket patch onto the t-shirt. We choose to put ours on the left bust, approx 6″ below the collar and 2″ from the armpit seam. You can place yours where ever you wish, just try it on before you sew to make sure it is in the right place and not wonky!

STEP 6 – This is the final step. You can either sew the pocket on by hand, or like us carefully use a sewing machine to attach the pocket. Sew around the 3 sides with a contrasting thread, leaving the top free to act as a pocket. Remove the pins and there you go, pocket t-shirt finished!

I hope you fins this DIY guide helpful. I love using them, and find them really helpful. I quite often see handmade items in high-street or vintage stores which i’d love to make myself, but just need a little help which is where blogs come in really useful! Jade at Dotty Dolly does some really cute DIY posts, my favourite being ‘Mens Shirt to Cute Dress’ - i’m definitely going to try that one soon! Do you have any favourite DIY clothing tips? This is me wearing the Paddington Bear t-shirt (all t-shirts in this post available at Vintage Style Me) I’v teamed it with velvet leggings, my Carnaby boots and a vintage headscarf to try and mask my rained on hair!


By Rhiannon

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