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Despite the unpredictable weather my boyfriend and I decided to take a little trip to Bath yesterday. It’s not too far from Cheltenham, but we both love the city and thought it was a perfect place to play with his 35mm camera we found in a chazza shop & some expired film. I’m particularly useless at anything photo related (as you can see from the one blurry photo of Luke that I took) and have no concept of the word focus. So while Luke played camera I shopped and dodged the rain! Bath is such a vibrant city with so much going on, plus it’s utterly beautiful! I got a cute dress in a charity shop which I shall blog about next, and we had the nicest food in Bath’s only vegetarian pub (apparently). I think the photos speak for themselves showing you the fun we had in the rain! That’s Daisy the cat who welcomed us home with a hungry belly, who we are looking after for the weekend while her owner is at Reading festival!

By Rhiannon

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